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Licensee Services


Symmetry is a boutique Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL), offering high quality licensee services to AR’s and CAR’s. Founded in 2012, Symmetry’s mantra is to embrace the evolution of financial advice, to remain relevant, whilst being nimble and client focussed. 

Our focus is on enabling rather than inhibiting - we believe that efficiencies increase the time spent in front of clients which will grow your business and build deeper relationships with your existing clients. 

Symmetry is backed by a collective group of professional advisers sharing a core set of values and beliefs that drive our thinking.


Our approach and values

  • Client focused.

  • Robust but pragmatic compliance service and guidance.

  • No Product Influence.

  • Platform agnostic.

  • Flexible APL and “Rules Based” approach to compliment client’s best interests.

  • Model portfolio options (including ESG portfolios).

What “Boutique” means to us

  • Low adviser numbers.

  • Low client numbers to drive improved client engagement.

  • Like minded, high quality advisers with quality processes and deeper client relationships.

  • Higher productivity and higher margin practices.

  • Collaborative in nature driving lower compliance risk.

We are a logical option for

  • Salaried advisers and support staff seeking to work in client focused practices.

  • Adviser practitioners seeking growth in a robust, productive, collaborative and, most importantly, a supportive environment.

  • Mature advice practitioners seeking flexible succession plans.

  • New entrants seeking mentorship from experienced advisers.

 We seek self-directed, ethical, and ambitious professional advisers who want a better way of running their own business free from interference and bias of an institution. We view your practice as our “partner”!

Authorised practices

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