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About us


Our Group

Symmetry is a self licenced, boutique financial advisory firm, with a growing national footprint of high-quality financial advisers. Founded in 2005, this privately owned business is free of institutional influence and allows us to deliver truly aligned advice, in the best interests of our clients. 


Our vision was always to create a trusted client advisory firm with a focus on providing tailored holistic advice and wealth management solutions for more Australians.  As a self licenced firm - Symmetry’s mantra is to embrace the evolution of financial advice, to remain relevant, whilst being nimble and client focused. 

Our team of advisers have combined experience in providing client advice of over 50 years with a large amount of knowledge across all advice areas. We embrace the forward-looking nature of advice and continuously improve ourselves as professionals to ensure we keep up to date with the industry standards and moving market trends.


Why work with us

Our clients are our number one focus! We provide you with the opportunity to commence a journey with us to shape your financial future so that you can enjoy what is important to you in life. We believe relationships are everything when it comes to the advice journey and we aim to take care of you every step of the way.

Our approach

In order to provide quality holistic advice to our clients, we conduct our business with the following approaches:

  • We focus on identifying our clients personal and financial goals to provide appropriate solutions that are tailored to each individual.

  • We assist in improving a client’s financial life using different conversation approaches which incorporate financial coaching and financial advice.

  • We work with clients to understand their values and psychological tendencies around money.

  • We will assist you in making informed decisions that will compliment your short-, medium- and long-term goals.

  • We remain open and transparent with you in all matters and opt for a strategic first approach that is product agnostic.

Why we believe that you will benefit from this approach

  • A holistic plan provides a deeper understanding of your financial situation, goals, aspirations and what drives your appetite for risk.

  • Creating goals provides tangibility to the advice process – you will feel a sense of achievement when you achieve your goal(s) after following our advice

  • Aligning strategies with specific goals helps with mental accounting and avoids knee jerk reactions from any event-driven news to focus on goal achievement and completion

  • Implementing and maintaining prudent processes and improved client communication ensures that all parties in the relationship stay accountable

  • We source varied and independent research - internal and external.

How we are different

We believe that offering a tailored goals-based advice approach demonstrates tangible value to you as the client and focuses on the strategic delivery of the advice rather than just a product sale. We focus on long term relationships with our clients rather than once off transactional advice – after all, advice is a journey!

So, in practice, what does this mean?

  • We have a deeper understanding of your emotive behaviour and how this may influence your desired outcomes.

  • Having a more holistic approach creates a trusted relationship between client and adviser and allows for effective short, medium and long-term planning.

  • Understanding YOU better as an individual will allow us to better demonstrate our value add and allow you to benchmark delivery based on tangible outcomes

  • Have NO product bias – the advice focus is primarily strategic in nature with product recommendations as means of implementation only.

  • Focus is about the journey through the life cycle of the client rather than just a “here we go, see you later” mentality.

  • Fee for service – we believe financial advice should be accessible to everyone, therefore we tailor our fees to suit your individual needs.

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