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Brent Coxon

Brent Coxon


Brent is the founder of Symmetry Group.  He has been involved in the Financial Services industry since 1998 and has provided wealth management services to private clients since 2004.  

Commencing employment with Tower Trust in 1999, Brent’s first role was in funds management and administration.  It was here Brent formed sound relationships to further his career, moving to Perth based Plan B Financial Services where he spent three years in various advice based roles.  An opportunity with Godfrey Pembroke became available and after relevant roles he had developed and possessed the required skills to establish his own financial services firm, Symmetry Financial Group in 2005.

Brent was a founding committee member of the Self Managed Fund Professionals Association (SPAA) in Western Australia and is still an active member of SPAA.  Brent is actively involved in the development of strategy, investment advice and management of new and existing Self Managed Funds for clients.

Outside of work, Brent is a philanthropist, supporting local talent by guiding and funding start ups and assisting with their business progression.

Brent Coxon


(08) 6380 1400

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